Top 5 Best Compact Refrigerators For Small Space

Top 5 Best Compact Refrigerators For Small Space

When you are living in a place where you don’t have enough space for a big fridge, a small and compact refrigerator becomes a necessity to keep food and drinks cold. Office workers, college students, RV owners and anyone with little space can benefit from compact refrigerators. Small refrigerators are reliable, easy to use and can fit into any tight place such as under the desk, counter and in cabinets without giving your wallet a hole. However, with many compact refrigerators available in the market under different brands, it may become a running hassle for you to select the best compact refrigerators for your requirement.


There are certain features such as functioning, energy consumption, and designated space that might make you select one refrigerator over another. Taking into the consideration the quality, brand, performance and user feedback and sale analysis, here is the list top 5 best compact refrigerators and how to choose one.


5. Danby DAR259BL 2.5-Cu. Ft. Designer 

Top 5 Best Compact Refrigerators For Small Space

The Danby series of DAR259 comes with compact refrigerators. Though these refrigerators are small but have a large amount of space for many beverages and foods as compared to other ones. It’s a perfect balance between the small fridge that can fit anywhere and the large fridges that are not as convenient. It comes with the size of 2.5 cubic feet and the versatility of 2-1/2 shelves giving you extra storage space. You can adjust the temperature of the fridge with the simple mechanical thermostat as per your requirement. It has auto defrost system that makes your fridge’s maintenance easy and much convenient. The refrigerator comes with a reversible opening from the left as well as right. The brand provides 18 months of labor and parts warranty and the refrigerator is compliant to the Energy Star.


ProsTop 5 Best Compact Refrigerators For Small Space

– Large storage space

– Scratch Resistant

– No space consumption by freezer

– Accurate temperature controls


– No inside light

– Could have more adjusting shelves

– Thermostat marking absent

– Can get noisy at times

Reviews: This mini fridge with no freezer is perfect choice for as our 2nd fridge. We have kept it in our garage. It looks great and has perfect space to store all the snacks for special barbecue. There is only one issue and that is lack of inside light. I wish Danby can add that small thing to the production of this mini fridge and I would be happy to pay extra. Perfect value for money.


4 – Midea HS-65LSS Compact Single Reversible Door Refrigerator

Top 5 Best Compact Refrigerators For Small Space

For most of the people in U.S, Midea HS-65LW is not a widely known brand but it is known for quality manufacturing of best compact refrigerators with the amazing value. The unit comes in 1.7 cubic feet space with reversible doors convenient for RV, offices, and dorm where space is very tight. There is a separate compartment for chiller trays to keep your certain items cooler than the rest. A manually adjustable thermostat is perfect to maintain the required temperature. The brand provides complete 1 yr warranty and 2 yrs warranty on HS65 series compressors. The fridge comes with environment-friendly and is Energy Star compliant.



– High-quality compact refrigerator

– Value for money


– Not very spacious could have worked on adjustable shelves

CustomerReviews: I have been using this fridge at work and it never failed my expectation. Very small and perfect for my office. Not really greater beer but works perfectly for cans and lunches with consistent cooling temperature.



3 – Haier HCR17W 1.7 Cubic Feet Refrigerator/Freezer

Top 5 Best Compact Refrigerators For Small Space

An ideal refrigerator with flat back and compact design is an ideal addition to any sort of space. It has 1.7 cubic feet usable storage space with half the width freezing compartment along with ice-cube tray. There is built in storage door for milk, juice containers. Haier gives limited one year labor and parts warranty on HCR series. The HCR17 series is comparatively light weight and the model is Energy Star compliant.

Top 5 Best Compact Refrigerators For Small Space


– Efficient, Quiet and Lightweight

– Has a small built-in freezer

– Ultra light weight and compact


– Not suitable for fitting wider and taller items

– Unable to keep frozen ice cream

– No interior light

– Difficult to balance the fridge and freezer temperature

Customer Reviews: When I got my fridge, I was expecting it to be heavy but it was too light to carry around and also consume less power. The freezer freezes well and racks are all stable. Will recommend to people looking for an energy efficient mini fridge.


2 – SPT RF-250SS 2.5 cu.ft Mini Refrigerator

Another very less known compact refrigerator manufacturers are Sunpentown (SPT) that makes durable, high-quality best compact refrigerators. The series of SPT RF250 comes in stainless steel body which is still larger than other fridges. The compact design offers plenty of storage space for all kinds of food items and tall bottles. The reversible doors give you lots of conveniences to store it at any suitable location. It has a separate ice making chamber and almost performs all the functions that a regular size refrigerator can in a much smaller space. A vegetable drawer has built in glass shelf and adjustable thermostat gives you choice to adjust the temperature as per your needs.The model is CSA approved and Energy Star compliant.

Top 5 Best Compact Refrigerators For Small Space


– Separate mini-freezer

– Plenty of storage space

– Value for money


– Difficulty in adjusting temperature for ice compartment

– Motor housing interferes with interior space

Customer Reviews: After one year of using this mini fridge, I can say it’s a great vale for money. There are no cooling issues and that makes it far more effective than the ones I used in the past.


1 Danby DAR195BL 1.8 cu. ft. Compact Refrigerator 

Danby DAR195BL 1.8 cu. ft. Compact Refrigerator


This series of Danby is smaller than DAR259 series and comes with more compact space. At 1.8 cubic ft, the model has ample amount of storage space for beverages and food for a single person. DAR195BL has automatic defrost function which makes it easy to use. Need extra storage space for other accessories? the scratch resistant top makes your task easier. Reversible door helps you place the fridge at any suitable location. The DAR195BL series also is Energy Star compliant

Top 5 Best Compact Refrigerators For Small Space




– Runs quietly and keep content quite cold

– Compact and spacious inside out

– Storage flexibility with 1-1/2 width removable shelves


– Thermostat doesn’t show temperature

– Freezer compartment missing


Customer Reviews: I used it in my college dorm for complete one year and it worked perfectly. It did make some noise but not always. Easy to clean, no leakage, easy to set up and perfect for storing food for one person. I would definitely recommend it to anyone whose looking for a mini-fridge for 2-4 years.


Now that we have shared with you some of the best compact refrigerators available in the market, there are certain factors that you should consider while deciding on the type of mini fridge that fits your needs. Always go for medium size fridge to prevent more energy consumption. The adjustable shelves are the perfect choice for storage flexibility. Avoid purchasing two door compact fridges as they are often unable to hold consistent temperatures. Look for return and repair policy along with the detailed warranty information before purchasing.



So, before you decide to buy a mini fridge, remember to check all the above-mentioned factors to ensure that you bring home something that fulfills all your requirements to keep your food and drinks cold. All five refrigerators featured in this article cater to the basic features of the best compact refrigerators. Do a little research to make your final purchase.

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