Single Door Chest Freezer Review and Buying Guide of 2017

Anyone who likes to buy edibles in bulk knows that refrigerators can only do so much when it comes to storage. Whether you have a large family, and wish you could make fewer trips to the grocery store; or you own a food business and would like a longer shelf-life for your items, a single door chest freezer review can be a life saver.



However, finding the best standalone freezer can be uphill task. So, below are three of the best single door chest freezers for 2017 and a buying guide to give you some pointers.


Top 3 Single Door Chest Freezer Review



  1. Midea WHS-129C1 3.5 Cubic Feet Single Door Chest Freezer

Single Door Chest Freezer Review

If you’re looking for something compact yet spacious then Midea’s 3.5 cubic feet single door chest freezer is a good bet. Ideal for RVs, houseboats, home bars, man caves, and even the gym, this freestanding small freezer is definitely built for small spaces. Integrated with advanced coil technology, it consistently maintains the quality of your frozen food or ice, without thawing and refreezing. What’s more, it doesn’t build up of ice on the walls and features an adjustable thermostat.

Single Door Chest Freezer Review


> Lightweight and compact for small spaces.

> Built with whisper-quiet technology.



> Lacks a door lock and adjustable legs.

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  1. Danby DCF072A2WDB1 7.2 Cubic Feet Chest Freezer

Single Door Chest Freezer Review

For those who need more storage capacity and have enough space to spare, perhaps a 7.2 cubic feet Danby chest freezer will do. Its incredible energy efficiency along with its eco-friendliness, is a favorite among users. The Danby DCF072A2WDB1 is designed with a foam-insulated cabinet and a rounded lid, said to significantly lower your electricity bills. It has an easy-to-access mechanical thermostat at the front for efficient temperature adjustment. Although defrost is manual, it proves no hassle thanks to its front-mount drain. While the freezer offers impressive features, its plastic materials are a bit of a downer.

Single Door Chest Freezer Review


> Front-mount thermostat and defrost drain system.

> Foam insulated

> Environmentally friendly R600a refrigerant cooling

> Rust-resistant interior



> Ice builds up on the walls.

> Door gasket doesn’t always close tight on its own.

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  1. Frigidaire FFFC22M6QW 21.5 Cu. Ft 74″ Chest Freezer

Single Door Chest Freezer Review

Frigidaire’s massive 21.5 cubic feet storage capacity makes it a great option for commercial use, fishing or hunting enthusiasts, and big households. This chest freezer is a great investment, not only for long-term storage but for numerous benefits.



The FFFC22M6QW 74″ freezer comes with adjustable SpaceWise dividers and baskets, with color-coordinated clips for ease of foodstuff organization. It bundles an adjustable temperature control, a defrost drain system, a lock and an LED power-on indicator.

Single Door Chest Freezer Review

It is also constructed with ArcticLock thicker walls, and is able to keep food solid frozen for up to 2 days after a power outage. What’s more, it’s 22% more energy efficient than its older counterparts.



> Generous storage capacity.

> Energy efficient

> Easy organization



Demands a lot of floor space.

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Types of Single Door Chest Freezer Review

Chest freezers come in a variety of models differentiated by size. This includes:

> Small – from 2.1 cubic feet.

> Compact – from 5 to 9 cubic feet.

> Medium – with 12 to 18 cubic feet.

> Large or commercial chest freezers – with 18 cubic feet or more.

Freestanding vs. integrated chest freezers

Freestanding are the most popular types of single door chest freezers. These are type units that can be moved freely and placed or plugged anywhere there’s a socket.

On the other hand, integrated freezers are those that sit behind cupboard doors, hidden from view. Integrated chest freezers are however, very hard to come by.

How to Choose the Best Single Door Chest Freezer

Single Door Chest Freezer Review
Single Door Chest Freezer Review and Buying Guide of 2017

Before choosing the best single door chest freezer, always consider the following:

> Its intended purpose.

> Chest freezer size and the floor space available.

> Storage capacity – How many items does it allow?

> Energy efficiency – Check its energy efficiency star rating. A higher rating means better energy use.

> Frost-free or manual defrost – This determines whether or not, there will be ice buildup.

> Fast freeze – The greater the cooling power, the faster your fresh food freezes, ensuring the quality, nutrients and taste is preserved.

> Counterbalanced lid – This ensures the chest freezer lid remains in a fixed open position when you prop it up, leaving you with both hands free, rather than having to hold it open.

> Warning light or alarm – This helps monitor the freezer’s operation, including when the power is off or the temperature suddenly rises; allowing you to address a problem before your frozen food begins to thaw.


In a nutshell, buying the best single door chest freezer largely depends on its effectiveness and efficiency in meeting your needs, requirements and budget. Our top three picks for 2017, along with our buying guide should get you started on finding the right one, no matter the type of chest freezer you’re looking for.



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