Igloo ICE103 Counter Top Ice Maker with Over-Sized Ice Bucket

A counter top ice maker, also known as a portable ice maker, is an appliance, which produces ice. These given products, unlike the built-in varieties, never require a permanent connection to a water line. They can also function almost anywhere, provided you have a standard power outlet. Their designs are usually very compact and lightweight too. So, they don’t require much of your kitchen countertop space, and you can carry them from one place to the next with convenience and ease. These products can be a lifesaver in circumstances where you need an extra supply of ice that your refrigerator’s ice maker cannot handle. This includes house parties, picnics or any other family or social gatherings where guests may need plenty of ice in their drinks. They can as well be ideal for use in boats, RVs and even camping sites. The Igloo ICE103 counter top ice maker with oversized ice bucket is one of the finest examples of these products out there. Let us now take a look at just why it is worth the investment.

Igloo ICE103 Counter Top Ice Maker with Over-Sized Ice Bucket


26lbs ice production capacity

This handy counter top ice maker is capable of producing up to 26lbs of ice on a daily basis, which is more than sufficient for your needs. You also get to pick from 3 different ice cube sizes, small, medium and large in accordance to your preferences. All you need to do is pour sufficient clean water into it, and you can have the exact size of ice cubes you wish for within just 6 minutes.

Compact and lightweight design

The Igloo ICE103 counter top ice maker’s overall dimensions are 14” x 12” x 15” (Lx W x H), which makes it very compact indeed. It only weighs a paltry 27.6lbs, and you can move it around in a stress-free manner.

User-friendly control panel

This portable ice maker comes with just 2 buttons, the on/off and, of course, the ice cube size selector buttons. There are only 2 LED indicators fitted at its frontend, which can alert you when you need to add more water or when the ice bucket is full. All of these attributes make this product extremely easy and convenient to utilize.

Detachable �oversized’ ice bucket

This counter top ice maker features a big, removable ice bucket that is in a position of holding up to 2.2lbs of ice at a time.
Igloo ICE103 Counter Top Ice Maker with Over-Sized Ice Bucket


. Integrates a very compact and portable construction

. Inbuilt compressor that enhances the ice production efficiency

. Sleek stainless steel exterior design

. Ice scoop included in the whole package


. Lacks an automatic timer to program ice making at your preferred schedule

Different types of counter top ice makers

In essence, there is only one variety of these products currently made available in the market, which is the freestanding type. This comes in highly compact and lightweight constructions, enabling the user to hitch them up anywhere. All it needs is a connection to a standard power supply outlet, and it is good to go!

Buying guide

There are a number of vital issues you need to reflect on prior to settling for any given brand of counter top ice maker out there. Let us have a quick look at some of the most notable of these factors.

How to choose the best counter top ice maker

Size & capacity

These products, like earlier mentioned, come in compact and lightweight designs. However, the exact space they can require tends to vary from one brand to the next. Most reputable manufacturers usually list their overall dimensions in L x W x H. So, always make sure you check on this to be able to opt for an appropriately sized product. At the same time, capacity is another important issue. You will want an appliance which can hold as much ice as you need at any time. A very small product will necessitate frequent water refilling. While a too big one will only waste energy and take up much space.

Igloo ICE103 Counter Top Ice Maker with Over-Sized Ice Bucket

Production capacity

Besides determining the exact amount of ice you will be producing, you should also consider how quickly it can be made. The production capacity of these appliances is rated in pounds/day. Most reputable manufacturers include this rating in their product’s list of specifications.


Ice production is tough business, and a machine that isn’t well-made can quickly begin to exhibit signs of wear and tear. Sadly these appliances aren’t designed to last for decades on end. Still, settling for a top quality one, though it will cost you more, can make a big difference. Even better, some carry warranties, which implies you can have peace of mind in the event they start to malfunction.

Additional features

Extra features like automatic timer, ice size selectors, self closing doors can be ideal.


A good counter top ice maker, like to Igloo ICE103, can be a godsend in many scenarios. By following this guide, you can obtain a top quality product that will offer excellent value for your money.


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