Best Washing Machine Washer Spin Cycle Compact Twin Tub 16lbs

Best Washing Machine Washer Spin Cycle Compact Twin Tub 16lbs

Best Washing Machine Washer Spin Cycle Compact Twin Tub 16lbs

There are a lot of types of washing machines in the market but which one is best? In this review, let’s look at one of the best washing machine washer spin cycle out there which is the Giantex Portable Compact Washing Machine. Read on and find out if this machine is worth your money:

Review of productBest Washing Machine Washer Spin Cycle Compact Twin Tub 16lbs

The Giantex Portable Compact Washing Machine is one of the best washing machines with spin cycle settings in the market which fits even the smallest of spaces. It is small enough to be used in small areas like apartments, dorms or condominiums.

It has twin compact tubes with washer and dryer settings. The washer tube is where you place the clothes for washing and it has a spin tube where further extraction of the water from the clothes can be done – much like wringing the clothes after rinsing. The clothes can then be removed and be dried completely after the spin cycle is finished.

The gravity drain of this machine works best if you ensure that the machine is higher than the tube of the drain so that it will drain the water completely.

When filling this washer, you need to watch out for it though because this doesn’t automatically stop the water filling even if it is already full.

This can handle a lot of clothes at the same time but the problem with this is that you need to have a space to transfer clothes in between cycles. Be careful also with filling water to the brim on this machine because this might slosh and spill over its top while it is washing.

Best Washing Machine Washer Spin Cycle Compact Twin Tub 16lbs

Types of best washing machine washer spin cycle 

Traditional top-loading washers

These machines have a pole in the center which agitates the laundry by circling the clothes around it. They’re the least expensive ones and can work really fast. However these machines have a tendency to shorten your clothes’ lifespan because it’s very rough when handling the washing. This machine doesn’t guarantee that the most water can be removed from the clothes.

High-efficiency top-loading washers

These use a wash plate and a drum in their construction. The wash plate and drum do the job of tossing the laundry inside the machine. They are also very efficient because they have sensors that can determine if there is water usage. Larger loads can also be washed in these machines compared to traditional ones. They can also spin faster so they can wring out the laundry. They are more on the expensive side and despite being on the efficient side, they can take longer when it comes to cleaning your clothes.

Front-loading washers

These are the best at cleaning and feature gravity drains at the bottom to pull water. They’re also more expensive than most top-loaded washers.

Buying guide

When purchasing washing machines with spin cycles, it is important to determine if the size would suit for you. You have to consider if the size would be sufficient enough based on your laundry load that you do regularly. Also, size would matter for your machines because this would also factor in the area that you’ll be using the machine.

Considering the energy efficiency of washing machines is best. Look for the Energy Star sticker when buying your machines.

How to choose the best Washing Machine Washer Spin Cycle

Look for machines that have the time-saving wash option. This option can help shorten the time it needs to wash your laundry.

Also, try finding machines that have a brightly lit panel especially if you are planning to place this in a darkly lit room.

To add with its ergonomics, the best machines should provide a pedestal which reduces the time that you do crouching or bending around it. And if possible, your washer would be considered the best if it has the NFS-certified feature which basically is a certification by the National Sanitation Foundation that your machine can kill most microorganisms.

There are many machines in the market but Giantex Portable Compact Washing Machine is definitely the best in its line.


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