Best Range Hood with Touch Screen Control Panel 2017

Finding the best range hood available in the market could be a real challenge considering that there are a lot of brands competing to attract buyers. The goal of this article is to provide a buying guide for the meticulous customers.

Range hoods are a necessary kitchen accessory that help to maintain clean and odor free kitchens. They that can come in a handy form while other models have touch screen control panels, thanks to innovative technologies.

Best Range Hood with Touch Screen Control Panel 2017

Some of the best range hoods available in the market do not only keep kitchen clean but also deliver other benefits as follows:

· Adequate regulation of temperature

· Improved kitchen lightings through efficient bulb systems

· Aesthetic design and vital components that increase the resale value of the house

If you are looking for a high-performing range hood, you might want to consider the below product. It isn’t perfect but can be considered as amongst the best.

Kitchen Bath Collection 30-inch Wall-mounted Stainless Steel Range Hood with Touch Screen Control Panel

Best Range Hood with Touch Screen Control Panel 2017

This FDL75-LED range hood from Kitchen Bath Collection is a good value buy, especially for those wanting to go ductless. Aside from it is capable of vent-less operation, its high-end LED lights are more than three times brighter than competitors. The product is made from a high-grade stainless steel that makes it aesthetically appealing and durable. Its smooth and well-finished surface makes it easy to clean. For someone wanting to save huge space, this model will also make a fine choice due to its wall mounted design.

In terms of versatility, FDL75-LED could rank the best range hood available in the market, thanks to its three-speed setting, high-end LED lights and integrated touch screen control panel. It also not as heavy as it seems to be.

On the flip side, installing a duct is not advisable as the design of the vent connection and the chimney does not support it. The fan is also a bit loud even if a medium setting is used. Moreover, there seems to be a loud �beep’ sound everytime any button is pushed.

Types of Best Range Hood

The type of range hood that will best suit your kitchen depends on its layout. When selecting an appropriate size range hood, make sure to consider only the models that are at least of the same width as the cooking surface it shall go above.

1. Undercabinet range hood

This type of range hood can be mounted under a wall cabinet’s bottom. Chase, ceiling, soffit, and ductwork inside a connecting wall are capable to pump out fumes and smoke. Other models feature a shallow hood that could slide out of the kitchen cabinet when necessary. Under-cabinet range hoods are easy to install as they can either ducted (vented) or ductless.

Best Range Hood with Touch Screen Control Panel 2017

2. Wall Chimney range hood

This type is appropriate when there are no cabinets hanging over the range. It can be installed freestanding. Its internal fan is capable to catch steam, fumes and other odors which are then exhausted up to the ceiling and into a vent. It can be ducted or ductless, but may require assistance from professional installers. Moreover, while this type is stylish, it requires more space. It is also relatively costlier than under-cabinet models.

3. Island range hoodBest Range Hood with Touch Screen Control Panel 2017

This type requires wider space than the cooking surface since it lacks cabinets or a wall alongside it to help pump fumes. It is mounted to and vented through a ductwork up the ceiling.

4. Downdraft Hood

This type of range hood attempts to redirect fumes and rising smoke and pump them out through ducts running beneath the floor. It also has a noise reduction capability. While it creates a more stylish and minimal appearance, it is not as effective as the previous types discussed above in exhausting fumes and smoke.

5. Ductless Hood

Ductless hood funnels heat, smoke and steam away from the stovetop. It however reverses them back into the kitchen. What is great about this type of range hood is that it is capable of trapping grease and oil droplets. Some models also have carbon filter than can reduce odors.

Buying Guide


The type of range hood is important in choosing which one to use in your kitchen, but it does not constitute the whole story. There are other tBest Range Hood with Touch Screen Control Panel 2017hings to consider as follows:

1. Look for a stylish model yet practical. Most range hoods for sale in the market nowadays offer the commercial appearance of a stainless steel and yet do not cost that much.

2. Do you want a duct-free or vented. Vented hoods are actually better than a ductless one as the latter will only take the fumes and smoke back into the kitchen and the rest of the home. Ductless hood, however are easier to install.

3. Do not downsize. Choose a range hood that is at least of the same width as the cooking surface. Bigger sizes are often a better option.

4. Make sure to install your range hood properly. Read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. The units are often installed 18 to inches above the gas range or electric stove. Vent outdoors whenever possible and make sure to replace your filters at least every one to three months.

How to Choose the Best Range Hood


Now that you have a better understanding of the type of range hoods, here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the right one for your kitchen.

1. Check out the range hood’s performance. The best range hood has a high cubic feet per minute (CFM). The higher the number reads, the more effective it is in removing fumes or smoke.

2. The size and type of range top you have determine your CFM requirement. A 30-inch wide electric cook top, for example, needs less CFMs of about 300 to 450 CFMs than a large six-burner gas range that requires 600 to 1,200.

3. CFM requirement also depends on the type and frequency of cooking.

4. Check out the fan’s sound before purchasing. Find a best range hood that is not too noisy. The sound output is measured in decibels or sones. In most cases, fans have up to six speed settings. The low setting usually has around three sones which is of the same sound level as a refrigerator running. The highest setting is around 7 sones which is as loud as a traffic noise.

5. If you want a strong hood fan, do not underrate the importance of a make-up air system in your HVAC system. A strong hood fan pumps out large volumes of air. Remember that the air being expelled should be replaced at the same rate.




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