2 Door Stainless Steel Reach In Commercial Freezer Reviews

Commercial Freezer Reviews

There are numerous valid reasons why you may be on the lookout for an excellent commercial grade freezer. To begin with, you might be running a restaurant and are in need of a sizeable product to maintain the freshness of the foodstuff you use in your day to day operations. Secondly, you may be operating a growing catering firm and require an appropriately sized freezer to meet the growing needs of your fledging business. Alternatively, you might just wish to make effective utilization of the garage in your home by installing an ideal freezer to meet your frozen food storage needs. Whatever your motivation, there is a variety of these appliances that are currently made available in the market. So, it is always wise to make it a point to only settle for the one that matches your distinctive requirements and preferences to the T. Well then, here are commercial freezer reviews which will point you in the right direction.
2 Door Stainless Steel Reach In Commercial Freezer Reviews
Review of the Product

Enter SDI Deals MBF8002 2 Door Stainless Steel Reach-in Commercial Freezer

This happens to be one of the best products that fall under the reach-in category of commercial freezer appliances. Let us now take some time to briefly review some of it most notable features.


Top mounted compressor

The compressor of this given unit is situated at its top. This circumstance goes a long way in making this commercial freezer reviews infinitely more energy efficient. The reason behind this is simply that the hot air this compressor dispels does not penetrate into the unit’s freezing compartment. Also, the heightened air circulation, which arises from this compressor position, will significantly prolong the appliance’s service life. This compressor location prevents this commercial freezer from accumulating a lot of dust and greese as is the case with the bottom mounted varieties. Finally, these sorts of appliances can make the most use of the freezer compartment’s space.

Stainless steel construction

This product integrates a high grade 304 stainless steel construction both in its interior and exterior as well. The end result is a sleek and very durable end product.

Customizable 33o F – 41o F temperature

2 Door Stainless Steel Reach In Commercial Freezer ReviewsThanks to the handy digital thermostat this unit comes with, you will be able to settle for the right freezer compartment temperature at all times. This particular thermostat will let you view and precisely adjust temperature, without the need of opening the unit.

Additional features

This appliance also comes with features like;

2, 49 cubic feet doors

6 shelves

Self-closing/stay-open door mechanism

Standard safety door lock

Magnetic gaskets




. EnergyStar approved commercial freezer

. Ergonomic round corner design

. Efficient refrigeration system

. 5 year warranty on the Embraco compressor

. 1 year warranty on all extra parts

2 Door Stainless Steel Reach In Commercial Freezer Reviews


. The amount of foodstuff you can be able to store in this freezer unit might not be sufficient if your storage needs are extensive.

Types of commercial freezers reviews

Reach-in commercial freezers

This is arguably the most common type of commercial freezer reviews, which is currently made in the market. As the name implies, you can access its contents at an arm’s length. Generally speaking, the dimensions of

these appliances can vary from between 26” -87’ in width. Additionally, they can come with additional accessories that will permit you to store virtually any kind of product that needs to be frozen. Reach-in commercial freezers can have 2 or 3 doors.

2 Door Stainless Steel Reach In Commercial Freezer Reviews
Walk-in commercial freezers

These commercial freezers reviews would be incomplete if they did not touch on the walk-in varieties .These products have been specifically design to offer capacious storage space for big amounts of foodstuffs as well as other related foods and beverages. They normally feature easy to access shelving, and will let you move around freely within their confines. In some cases, a walk-in commercial freezer can take up as much space as a whole room.

Buying guide

These commercial freezers reviews will now provide a buying guide on how to determine the right kind of these appliances for your exact needs and preferences.

How to choose the best commercial freezer reviews

2 Door Stainless Steel Reach In Commercial Freezer Reviews

As would be expected, there are some essential factors you will need to reflect on when trying the best commercial grade freezer. Below are some of the most important of these.

Take the necessary time to determine what you wish to store in the unit

Like it has been earlier noted, the walk-in can be very ideal if you want to store large quantities of foodstuff. While the reach-in varieties can be excellent for addressing more moderate storage requirements.

Commercial freezer sizing

Another vital factor, which cannot be overlooked in these commercial freezer reviews is appropriate sizing. The interior dimensions of these products will directly influence the items you can store in them. On the other hand, their exterior dimensions will influence the exact space they take wherever you may decide to install them. To this end, the 1 door reach-in types are usually 27” in width. While the 2 door or 3 door types can be 40” – 57” in width. When it comes to the walk-in varieties, their sizing tends to vary dramatically. They can come in ready-to-assemble sizes or even be 100% custom made to fit the space you wish to install them in.

Compressor location

These commercial freezer reviews have already on the top mounted compressor varieties of these units. Let’s now look at the bottom mounted kinds. These are essentially the most pocket-friendly reach-in freezers. Their compressors are designed to operate with much more cooler ambient air. This definitely signifies they consume lesser energy. Still, the compressors take up more space beneath from the freezing compartment.


Finally, it will be very prudent to opt for a commercial freezer, which comes fitted with castors. This will facilitate for more convenient and stress-free cleaning of the unit. At the same time, castors will lend the appliance more mobility, and you can roll it from one area to the next with ease.

2 Door Stainless Steel Reach In Commercial Freezer Reviews


As you can see, there are plenty of issues you should consider when attempting to purchase a commercial grade freezer. Depending on your requirements and inclinations, you can be able to pick between the right reach-in or walk-in varieties. The 2-Door Stainless Steel Reach In Commercial Freezer is definitely one of the best commercial freezers in the market today.


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